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Título: Simbolismos e motivação no trabalho voluntário : um estudo de caso na associação de voluntários da APAE de Venda Nova do Imigrante
Autor(es): Salazar, Kássia de Aguiar
Orientador: Silva, Alfredo Rodrigues Leite da
Data do documento: 16-Mai-2014
Resumo: The focus of this research is: Understanding the symbolic relationships involving motivation in volunteer work at the Association of Volunteers APAE at Venda Nova do Imigrante city - AVAPAE. To reach the objetive, researchers rely on the relevance of studying organizations through approaches that involve the problems of the study of symbolism in order to understand the organizations for different ways beyond of the dominant organizational theories such as functionalism . Organizational Symbolism (MORGAN; FROST; Pondy, 1983; GIOIA, 1986; CARRIERI, 2007) is understood as an organizational theory, and the interpretive paradigm (MORGAN; FROST; PONDY, 1983) is positioned as an important approach in the search for understanding many the formal aspects and informal aspects of a company. The Social Representations Theory (MOSCOVICI, 2003) was adopted as a basis for investigating these interpretations in an organization, in order to raise further analysis of everyday life and the symbolic aspects that build this every day, from the application of analysis content (BARDIN, 1977). The understanding of what motivates the volunteer to do their work was anchored in the social construction of that reality (BERGER; LUCKMANN, 1985) study, which is based on the representation of the phenomenon of worker motivation by the approach of subjectivity (REY, 2003) of the individual in relation to your work environment. The research results could be reached through a symbolic interpretative analysis in an understanding of the reality of AVAPAE been complex and subjective, leading to the identification of a relevant influence of symbolic construction of the city in which it operates AVAPAE, in Venda Nova do Imigrante. So, from this diagnosis was evident interference of values vendanovense citizen as product and producer of symbolism involving volunteering. As a final contribution of this work, it is argued that the ways to address these issues should consider the subjectivity that permeates is an open system in a constant expression of the action of the individual and the social context in which he lives, and this relationship an exchange continuing through the symbolic relationships experienced by social actors and the group that coexists.
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